Feeling Good To Attract Good People

Published: 23rd February 2010
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When you feel good, you attract good people into your life. This is a subtle law which is easy to misunderstand and underestimate. However, by constantly feeling good, you will attract good people who also feel good and enjoy being in good-feeling experiences. This means feeling good will allow you to meet positive, confident and optimistic people, which is exactly what every man wants. This article explores this topic in more detail.

When You Feel Good, You Give Off Positive Energy

This positive energy allows you to be perceived as more attractive by others. Also, when you feel good, you are focused on positive feelings and experiences which enhance the feeling of goodness even more. You are drawn towards good experiences, and the good experiences, including the people who are looking for them, are drawn towards you.

Feeling Good Allows You To Be More Of Yourself

When you genuinely feel good, there is little internal resistance to stop you from being yourself. Well being therefore flows through you naturally and easily. You become naturally inclined to speak and do things which make you feel good, and the positive cycle continues. Being more of yourself also allows you to have a genuine conversation with others which you wouldn't be able to do previously. Whereas sometimes you feel clogged up and tied up in a way which stops you from speaking, by being more of yourself, you are able to easily have the type of conversation which helps you to feel totally and completely relaxed.

Feeling Good Is A Sign Of Positive Manifestation

when you are genuinely feeling good, this is a sign of genuinely positive manifestations. You feel good because goodness is happening all around. Your whole environment is surrounded by goodness and goodness is your experience. This feeling of goodness is the positive correlation of your thinking. The thoughts you have are reinforced in a positive direction, and your thinking is bringing positive manifestations into your experience as a result. Thoughts are the creative energy, and your feelings are the sign of what your thoughts are saying.

Feeling Good Allows You To See The Best In People

When you are out socialising and meeting people, you will meet all sorts of people. By feeling good, you give yourself a genuinely positive expectation which allows you to see the best in people all round. This leads to positive interactions with other people, leading to positive results. You will get more phone numbers, kisses, and other types of "closes" from simply feeling good and seeing the best in people.

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